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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2019 1:00am-1:03am CET

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and why not with him simple online on your mobile and free to send the w z e learning course nikos fake german from a.t.c. . it's time to take one step further and face the. time to search the know and for the troops. time to overcome the injuries and connect. it's time for g.w. . coming up ahead minds. british lawmakers have voted to try to renegotiate the country's divorce deal from the e.u. the house of commons voted narrowly to seek to replace a contentious agreement to maintain a checkpoint free border between ireland and northern ireland the e.u. has insisted the current withdrawal deal is not up for renegotiation.
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event as well as attorney general has asked the country's supreme court to open an investigation against opposition leader one of. the request includes freezing the self-proclaimed president's assets and banning him from leaving the country the move comes amid mounting international pressure against the government of president nicolas maduro. pakistan's supreme court has upheld its verdict in the case of a christian woman charged with blasphemy us the b.b.c. has been in hiding since october when the court overturned her death row conviction and declared her not guilty that decision is part outrage among religious hardliners who have threatened her life. the u.s. justice department has charged chinese telecoms giant hallway with violating sanctions against iran and with international espionage the charges are linked to the arrest in canada of hallways chief financial officer men one show washington is the king her extradition.
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the united kingdom is supposed to leave the european union exactly two months from today for exit so why in the world after two years of negotiations our british lawmakers still debating what breaks it should be tonight who will have the final say over the world's biggest ever political and economic divorce britain is sending breaks it to brussels again and brussels says rex it return to sender i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. i never stopped coming to britain but the odds of success become a problem if this house times one on five that the obstacle to a solution is the prime minister today we know.


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